Boating and Fishing – Arizona

On Sunday morning, November 4, 2018, we drove to Apache marina and rented a boat for three hours.  We intended to stay out on the lake for two hours, but because of Daylight Savings Time, we accidentally did three.  However, it was a warm, sunny day, and the landscape was beautiful.  We got to fish, relax, and eat snacks.  All of us had so much fun that the time flew by like a breeze.

After finishing, we went to a day use area near Lake Roosevelt and fished until sunset.  None of us caught any fish, but we still enjoyed our time.

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  1. Hi, Kayla, See you’re back to blogging after getting back from your trip to Hawai’i! Great! What fun you all are having. The first time I made a suggestion on your blog which you asked us to do, you said you didn’t receive it I hope this time it gets through. My suggestion: was besides describing so well the areas you visit, try and add something about the people who may have lived there, what they did and why they no longer live there. So it also becomes a human interest story as well as a description of a place others may have visited. Otherwise, great going! Keep it up, dear Kayla!

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