James Knox Polk – Tennessee

On June 13, we went to an Amish community and bought peanut brittle, peanuts, fudge, and bread from them. After, …
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Food – Tennessee

Most of the food that we ate in Tennessee was homemade.  The green cakes and crepes are made with pandan, …
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COVID-19/Part 3 – Tennessee

May 16, 2020 – Daddy and us four children went on a scenic drive on and around the Natchez Trace …
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Kayla Wong

We Got a New Cat – Tennessee

We recently got a new cat, which Daddy and Mommy found in our truck’s engine. She is only a kitten, …
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COVID-19/Part 2 – Tennessee

March 27, 2020 – The Ehrenheims (our family who we visited a few blog posts ago) came over to stay …
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Food – Alabama

Here is some of the food that we ate in Alabama.  Included are pictures of German plate lunches, birthday cake, …
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COVID-19/Part 1 – Tennessee

When the government started ordering everyone to shelter in place, we were staying at the Natchez Trace RV Campground in …
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I Got a KNWBOOKS Shirt Made by a Relative

March 2020 – My aunt, Kristy Ehrenheim, made me a unique, custom shirt with the KNWBOOKS logo on it.  She …
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More Battlefields of the Civil War – Mississippi

On March 9, we went to an escape room at Escapology.  The room was called “Antidote,” and it was made …
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Caving and Visiting My Cousins – Alabama

On March 1, Sunday, we went caving in a cave on a privately owned property. The cave was called Tumbling …
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Chattanooga and Chickamauga – Alabama

On February 29, we went to Chattanooga and Chickamauga National Military Park. During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln found …
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Mountaintop River – Alabama

On February 24, we moved to Crow Creek Camping (try say that three times fast) in Stevenson, Alabama. On the …
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Food – Georgia are pictures of some of the food we ate while we were visiting Georgia, including cinnamon rolls, fried chicken, …
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Kayla Wong at World of Coca-Cola

World of Coca-Cola

World of Coca-Cola was a museum of Coca-Cola. When we first went in, we were each given a small can …
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Andersonville, Ancient Mounds, and Martin Luther King Jr. – Georgia

February 16, 2020 – We moved to Jones RV Park, in Norcross, Georgia. On the way, we stopped at a …
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The Battle at Horseshoe Bend – Alabama and Georgia

The Battle at Horseshoe bend was fought to end the resistance of the “Creek Indians” to American advancement and control …
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Amazing African Americans – Alabama

We moved to Wind Creek State Park in Alexander City, Alabama on February 12. On the way there, we stopped …
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Beaches and Forts – Florida

On February 5, we moved to Tanglewood Gardens Mobile Home & RV Park in Brent, Florida. It was rainy and …
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Food – Louisiana and Mississippi

Some interesting and new foods that I tried are: Gumbo, a thick soup with chicken, sausage, and vegetables (at least …
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Alligators in the Wild – Louisiana and Alabama

On February 2, we moved to Santa Maria RV Resort Marina in Gautier, Mississippi. Before moving, however, we went to …
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Chalmette Battlefield

New Orleans – Louisiana

On January 31, we moved to Boomtown Casino and Hotel New Orleans  in Harvey, Louisiana.  On the way there, we …
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Cajun Culture – Louisiana

On January 25, we went to two of the Jean Lafitte National Park sites in Louisiana (there are a total …
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Vicksburg – Mississippi

On January 19, we moved to a parking lot in Mississippi, by the Natchez visitor center. The Mississippi river was …
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The Pelican State – Louisiana

On January 18, we moved to Poverty Point Reservoir State Park in Delhi, Louisiana. On the way, we stopped at …
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Food – Texas

Here is some of the food we ate after coming back to Texas from Hawaii! …
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Big Thicket – Texas

On January 1, we moved to Lake Conroe RV & Camping Resort in Willis, Texas.  I got the flu there, …
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Houston – Texas

At the end of December and the beginning of January, I was sick with a cold, so I didn’t go …
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Christmas – Texas

For Christmas, we made gingerbread houses and opened presents at home.  We then went to Main Event, a place that …
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Beaches and Sand – Texas

On December 12, we moved to Andy Bowie County Park in Cameron County, Texas (South Padre Island).  It was right …
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San Antonio Missions – Texas

Before we went to Hawaii, we visited Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park.  We got to see the inside of …
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The Paynes – Texas

On November 11, we picked up our RV (which had been getting approved for repairs) and moved to Helotes Creek …
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Leaving Hawaii – Texas

At 6:00 PM in Hawaii (10:00 PM Texas), we boarded a plane and flew back to Texas. Granny and Grandpa …
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Food – Hawaii

In Hawaii, we did a lot of eating. We ate with family, ate at the house, and tried lots of …
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Hawaii beach

Spending Time with Grandma and Grandpa – Hawaii

We ate out with Grandma and Grandpa (Daddy’s parents), went to a craft fair once, hung out at their house, …
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Halloween, Go Kart Racing, and More – Hawaii

Halloween For Halloween, we did three things:1. We went to a “trunk-or-treat” event with Grandma and Grandpa at Kailua Shopping …
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Spending Time with Family – Hawaii

During our time in Hawaii, we spent most of our time doing things with our family.  With “the aunties,” as …
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Uncle Mat and Family – Hawaii

Uncle Mat (Mathew Sgan) is my biggest supporter.  He has provided me with author resources and encouragement, and he says …
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Pearl Har

Pearl Harbor – Hawaii

“Yesterday, December 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly …
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Going Back to the State where I was Born – Hawaii

During our first stay in Texas since getting back, we were working on emptying our storage (where everything from our …
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Food – All the States from Montana to Texas

Here is a video of some of the food we had on the way down from Montana to Texas! …
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Back in the Lone Star State – Texas

On October 13, we moved to Waco, Texas, back where we had started out RV journey. We went to Chickasaw …
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Oklahoma Survivor Tree

The Sooner State – Oklahoma

On the side of a road near a Bass Pro shop – that’s where we stayed the night in Oklahoma …
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Sunflower and Cornhusker States – Kansas and Nebraska

On October, we moved to Captain Critter’s Country RV Campground in Nebraska.  On that same day, we visited Fort Laramie …
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Mount Rushmore

The Mount Rushmore State – South Dakota

On September 28, Tanner’s birthday, we celebrated at home with presents and cake.  We moved that day as well, to …
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Badlands – North Dakota

On September 22, we moved to Boot’s Campground in Billings County, North Dakota.  We went to three national park sites …
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Lewis and Clark Again – Montana

On September 20, we dry camped at Chinook Water Plant in Montana.  On the way there, we stopped at Pompeys …
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Big Horn Canyon

Big Horn – Montana

While in Custer, Montana, we went to Bighorn Canyon and Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.Bighorn Canyon was very pretty.  The …
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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone – Montana, Wyoming, Idaho

Most of Yellowstone is in Wyoming, but some areas are in Montana and Idaho as well.  We went to this …
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hay scenery

Horse Riding – Montana

The areas of Montana that we were in were more country, cowboy, and horses than I had imagined.  On one …
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Grant-Kohrs Ranch – Montana

For 8 days, we had been dry camping, meaning that we were living without water, sewer, or electricity hookups.  Instead, …
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Tim Horton

Food – Canada

For the first time in my life, I had poutine.  It is a dish that’s pretty popular in Canada.  Poutine …
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Glaciers and Lakes – Canada

On September 4, we moved to Alberta, Canada, to a place on the side of the road.  It was muddy, …
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Hot Springs – Canada

On September 2, we moved to Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada.  On the way there, …
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Alaskan F

Food – Alaska

Here is a video of some of the stuff we ate in Alaska.  We had salmon quite a few times, …
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aroura borealis

Aurora Borealis – Alaska

We went to Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge and got to watch a man fly two birds.  There was a …
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Kayla Wong

Ice Museum and More – Alaska

On Sunday, we visited Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve visitor center.  It was protected to maintain the …
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Berry Picking and Dog Sleds – Alaska

August 18, 2019 – We moved to Trapper Creek Inn and RV Park in Trapper Creek, Alaska.  We went on …
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Houston Founder's Day fire

Houston Founder’s Day – Alaska

We moved to Houston, Alaska on August 17th to dry camp in Little Sustina River Campground.  We went to Whittier, …
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Chugach National Forest – Alaska

On August 14, we went to Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.  They had really nice displays, most shaped like glaciers with …
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Soldotna – Alaska

On August 9, we moved to Edgewater Lodge and RV Park in Soldotna, Alaska.  The next day, we went to …
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Kenai Fjords National Park hike

Kenai Fjords NP – Alaska

On  Friday, we moved to Bear Creek RV Park in Seward, Alaska.  While in the area, we went to Kenai …
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Anchorage Museum

Alaskan Museum – Alaska

On July 15, we moved to Mountainview RV Park in Palmer, Alaska.  Here, there were lots of big places like …
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Root Glacier

Base Camp Kennicott – Alaska

After being in Valdez for over a week, we moved to Waterworks RV Park in Glennallen, Alaska.  On the way, …
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Kayla Wong hiking

4th of July – Alaska

For the 4th of July in Valdez, there was a town parade, canoe jousting, and other events.  First, we went …
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Worthington Glacier and a Fish Hatchery – Alaska

June 30, 2019 – We went to Worthington Glacier and hiked near it.  When we hiked, we got to see …
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Kayaking in Glacier Lake – Alaska

On Saturday, we went to Valdez Glacier Lake.  The lake was pretty big, filled with icebergs which had come from …
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Canoeing – Alaska

On June 8th, we camped by Deadman Lake in Northway, Alaska. Almost everyone (I was feeling sick) canoed in the …
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Land of Glaciers, Waterfalls, and Beautiful Scenery – Alaska

On May 31st, we started on our way to Alaska.  Over a period of three days, we drove to Skagway.  …
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Shuswap Lake sunset

Houseboating Trip – Canada

On Monday, May 27th, we moved to Whispering Pines RV Park.  The next day, we we went to Shuswap lake.  …
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Exploring Penticton – Canada

Twin Lakes Golf Course and RV Park was a very beautiful park in Kaleden, British Columbia. Twin Lakes Golf Course …
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Food – Washington

In Washington, we had pho, spam musubis, szechwan food, and more: Previous Next …
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Ice Skating – Canada

On May 13th, we Moved to Canada.  To be exact, we went to an RV park called Burnaby Cariboo in …
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North Cascades Mountains

Flowers and the North Cascades – Washington

Note: if you have anthophobia (the fear of flowers), skip this blog post.We went to a flower farm that had …
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San Juan Island – Washington

On Saturday, we went to San Juan Island by taking a ferry. We waited in line in our truck for …
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Ebey’s Landing – Washington

us, Aunty Lorraine and her son, Kirk Here are pictures of when we went to Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve …
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La Conner RV Park

Seattle – Washington

On Monday we moved to a beautiful Thousand Trails RV park in La Conner, Washington.  During our stay, we met …
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Starting my Publishing Journey

MAY 2019 At this point of my life, I have been writing for a couple of years with the intention …
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Mount Saint Helens

Mount Saint Helens – Washington

On a sunny, cool, clear day, we visited the Mount Saint Helens visitor center, which was really far away from …
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Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier – Washington

We moved to Silver Creek, Washington. The next day, we went to Mount Rainier National Park with Opa, Oma, and …
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Fort Worden – Washington

On Thursday, we went to Fort Worden, a United States Army Coast Artillery Corps base constructed in 1920 to protect …
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Clams, Crabs, and Beaches – Washington

We went to Olympic National Park on a slightly cold day which warmed up as it got to afternoon. We …
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Enjoying Nature with Family – Washington

On Friday, we moved to Chimacum, Washington.  We stayed in another SKP RV park called Evergreen Coho.  The next day, …
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Oregon food

Food – Oregon

I don’t have a lot of pictures of food from Oregon, but here are the few that I do have: …
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Oregon Beach

Rocky Beaches – Oregon

Back in Oregon, but this time the coast, we stayed in a Thousand Trails RV park. The weather in Seaside, …
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Tillamook Creamery

Tillamook Creamery – Oregon

The Tillamook Creamery was a really fun place to go to. There was a self-guided tour, where we could see …
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Manhattan Project

Manhattan Project – Washington

We went to the Manhattan Project B Reactor in Hanford, Washington on a cold, cloudy, windy day. We went to …
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Bluewood skiing

My First Time Skiing – Washington

dressed for skiing Me and my brothers’ first time skiing was in Washington, at a place called Bluewood, on a …
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Nez Perce NHS

National Historic Sites and Idaho – Washington

The next week, we moved to Horn Rapids RV Park in Richland, Washington.  The weather was cloudy and chilly.  We …
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John Day Fossil Beds

Fossil – Oregon

Previous Next On March 29, we moved to Fossil, Oregon. The RV park was in Wheeler County Fair (empty fairgrounds), …
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Crater Lake

Crater Lake and Oregon Caves- Oregon

On Mommy’s birthday, we went to Crater Lake National Park. It was snowy and cold. We hiked Raven Ski Trail, …
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Food – California

Here is a gallery of some of the food we ate while in California. Featured is Asian food, clam chowder, …
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Mount Shasta

Shasta Dam and the Natural Beauty of Northern California – California

On Tuesday, we toured Shasta Dam.  It is the second largest dam in America and has 5 engines which it …
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Lava Beds

Lava Beds National Monument (Caving) – California

At this National Monument, we got to explore a variety of caves. The caves were formed by lava flowing, solidifying …
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Lassen Volcanic NP

Whiskeytown and Lassen Volcanic – California

We moved to Redding, California, to an RV park called Fawndale Oaks.  A day later, we went to Whiskeytown National …
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San Francisco Bay and Prison – California

On a cloudy, cool Sunday, we went down to the San Francisco Bay and visited the San Francisco Maritime Visitor …
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pinnacles np

San Francisco – California

On Sunday, we visited Pinnacles National Park. It was formed, supposedly, by volcanoes, creating the giant pinnacles of rock. We …
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Eugene O'Neill NHP

More NPS Sites – California

The day after moving to a Thousand Trails RV park in Paicenes, California, we visited four different NPS places.  The …
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Snow and National Parks – California

On February 22, we moved to Coarsegold, California.  The RV park we stayed in was called Park Sierra, an SKP …
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Ronald Reagan Library

Family and Museums – California

We got to see Granny again, along with a lot more family on her side. A lot of time in …
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