Big Thicket – Texas

On January 1, we moved to Lake Conroe RV & Camping Resort in Willis, Texas.  I got the flu there, but everyone else enjoyed a relaxing time, and my brothers got to fish and make bows and arrows from sticks and string.

On January 11, we moved to Livingtston, Texas, to an RV park called Escapees Rainbow’s End.  While at this park, everyone except me went to Big Thicket National Preserve, where they got to see carnivorous plants like pitcher plants and sundews.  There are only five types of carnivorous plants found in North America, and four of them can be found in Big Thicket.  The most well-known carnivorous plant, the Venus flytrap is not found here, but in the Carolinas.  Everyone hiked the Sundew Trail and the Pitcher Plant Trail, located in the Turkey Creek Unit of Big Thicket.

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