Hello friends, family, or whoever you are, welcome to my blog!  Please read this first before moving onto the next post.  This will help you get the most out of all the pictures and excitement here.

First, if you are new here, make sure to start from the very first post at the bottom of the Blog page.  That is where the adventure starts.

If you want to view a picture more clearly, click on it, and it will expand.  If it is part of a gallery of pictures, you will be able to tap on arrows on the sides to view the next/previous.  It is best to do this for all the pictures in a post.  Oh, and please be patient, because sometimes they may take a few seconds to load.

In the later posts, you will see that the way the pictures are arranged are different.  This is because complications came up with the methods I had been using previously.

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Last Notes:

My mom is more than 99% responsible for all the pictures here.  I am very grateful for her photography help.  The other less than 1% of pictures have been taken either by Daddy, one of us four kids, or a stranger who helped us take a family photo.  Thank you, whoever took those pictures.

*I try to get people’s permission before posting pictures of them on my blog.  For random strangers in the background of pictures though, I can’t help it.*

Mommy often helps with writing and editing my posts.

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