Beaches and Sand – Texas

On December 12, we moved to Andy Bowie County Park in Cameron County, Texas (South Padre Island).  It was right on the beach, so we went there quite often.

We went to Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park in the nearby city of Brownsville, Texas.  The volunteer there gave us a tour of the visitor center and talked about the war between Mexico and America in 1846.  We learned how the two sides fought over the border, and how it was the first major battle of the Mexican-American war.  An interesting thing about the visitor center, is that there were both English and Spanish (language) displays, because both Americans and Mexicans visit this historic site.

Oh, and that is a potbellied pig being walked on a leash in the pictures below!

On December 19, we moved to Padre Island National Seashore, where we went to the visitor center, walked on the beach, and dry camped for three days.  It was drizzly, wet, and chilly for some of the days.

We went to the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History.  I liked looking at the many rock displays, though they had many other areas of the museum, and we got to watch a band play Christmas music after a science show.  Another thing that caught my attention was a dress what looked to be up of beads and jewels.  I’m not exactly sure what it was made from, but it was sparkly, glittery, had a long train, and looked extremely extravagant and expensive.

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