Beaches and Forts – Florida

On February 5, we moved to Tanglewood Gardens Mobile Home & RV Park in Brent, Florida.  It was rainy and cloudy that day.  The next day, February 6, we celebrated my 15th birthday in our RV.  We did our homeschool like usual, then I opened presents from my family, and we all had ice cream cake for dessert.

On Saturday, we went to Fort Pickens Area Gulf Islands National Seashore.  It was on a beach, and we were able to walk around the fort.  The fort was built in 1834 to defend Pensacola Harbor, and it played a role in the Civil War.

We went to the visitor center, explored the fort, and played on the beach.  The fort was big and cool.  There were stalagmites inside the fort, probably because of mineral water seeping through the roof for a long time.  There were also small tunnels and cannons.  On the beach, my brothers had fun digging giant holes in the sand.

Another day, we went to Johnson Beach, part of the national park, where we relaxed and my brothers dug giant holes in the sand.

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  1. Thank You Kayla for your wonderful Blogs of all your adventures. I feel like I am traveling along with you. Happy 15th Birthday.

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