Back in the Lone Star State – Texas

On October 13, we moved to Waco, Texas, back where we had started out RV journey.  We went to Chickasaw NRA and looked at some of the mineral springs there.  That night, we stayed in a Cracker Barrel parking lot.

The next morning, we went to Waco Mammoth National Monument.  It is a paleontological site, where the fossils of Columbian mammoths have been found, all appearing to have died together at the same time from a flood.  Other fossils were found, including those from a Western camel, dwarf antelope, alligator, giant tortoise, and small saber-toothed cat.  We went to the visitor center where we completed junior ranger books, then went to Mayborn Museum, where you could see one of the mammoth’s fossils (real).

The museum had many rooms and displays.  Included were ones about fossils, science, noise, history, toys, and a historic village.  In the fossil area, there was a room with a glass floor.  Underneath the glass, there were colorful lights and the mammoth fossil.  It was very huge.

We also went to the Magnolia Market Silos that day.  They were built 120 feet tall in 1950 as part of the Brazos Valley Cotton Oil Company, but were later changed into a shopping complex.  We walked around and looked at home decor stores, bakeries, and food trucks, and we got fancy cupcakes from Silos Baking Co.  The line to get in was long, and the bakery was crowded.

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