Alligators in the Wild – Louisiana and Alabama

On February 2, we moved to Santa Maria RV Resort Marina in Gautier, Mississippi.  Before moving, however, we went to another of one of the Jean Lafitte national park sites – Barataria Preserve.  There, we went on a ranger-led hike/tour through the marshy, swampy land.  We got to see an alligator up close and a nutria sleeping in some plants on top of the water.  The alligator was a mamma-gator, and she was very calm, even though we were pretty close.  She was sun bathing mostly.  The nutria was brownish orange, and it was very cute sleeping.  The nutria is a large rodent, and to me, it looked like a small capybara.

We visited Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge, where we actually didn’t see sandhill cranes.  Instead, we took a hike and found carnivorous plants, including pitcher plants, sundews, bladderworts, and butterworts.  Since it was sunny and hot, most of the pitcher plants were brown.

So, since we didn’t get to see Mississippi Sandhill Cranes at the wildlife refuge, I’ll tell you about where we did get to see them – in the RV park we were staying at.  They were very tall, and we didn’t get to get very close to them.

On February 3, we moved to Meaher State Park in Baldwin County, Alabama.  Mommy and us children went to the Five Rivers Delta Center, which was close by, and looked in the different buildings.  We saw bugs, birds, snakes, and rats.  One of the snakes that I liked seeing was the venomous cottonmouth (because it’s venomous, of course!).

The next day, I and my family went to the Exploreum Science Center in Mobile, Alabama, which had lots of interactive displays.  The main ones that we looked at were the human body displays, and a display about flying airplanes.  Both were mainly video games, and in the human body educational area, there were displays where you could pretend to do surgery on someone through a touch screen.  My brothers really liked the airplane game, because they could build then fly their airplanes in the video game.

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