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Kayla Naomi Wong is an author and has been writing ever since she can remember. A lover of words, Kayla writes fantasy, sci-fi, and occasionally historical fiction. Her favorite genre to read is fantasy. In her books, you can expect to find adventure and battle, controversy and courage, heartbreak and triumph. To find out more about her life and WIP’s, visit


Like I said above, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I only realized I wanted to take writing seriously when I was 12, and even then, I had no idea in which direction I wanted to take my writing. In my early teen years, I unprofessionally published seven books on Amazon. Since I can only call one of these works profitable, I like to think of these as my practice projects. I currently have four WIP’s that I’m working on, and I hope to publish these in the next five years or so.


Since I look Asian but kind of not, a lot of people ask where I’m from. I was born in Hawaii, along with my three younger brothers. When I was almost six years old, my family and I moved to McKinney, Texas. When I was about ten, we moved to San Antonio, TX, and after a few years we sold our house and bought an RV. From there, we traveled up the west coast of the US, into Canada, and then into Alaska. As for my ethnic origins, I can’t quite remember them all, but here are a few: Korean, Chinese, German, Swedish, English, and…there’s a lot more. I’m mainly the first four. Our family’s history is confusing, because what is Germany now didn’t used to be, and different ancestors came from areas that are now other countries.


I was born again in May 2017, and it was a battle.  When the Lord convicted me of my sin, I cried out to him, fearing eternal death, but not believing he would forgive me.  I felt helpless and lost.  The next morning, by God’s providence, Mommy talked to me about salvation (she had no idea what I was going through), and it was then that I believed Jesus had died for my sins, and I was forgiven.  Satan fought hard for my soul, telling me that there was no way the Lord would have forgiven me; I was imagining it all; there was no hope for me.  I asked the Lord to help me to trust him, and out of his infinite faithfulness and love, he did.  I feel like a new person now.  My desires have changed and I love God.  I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me the best gift that could ever be given—eternal life.


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