About Me

I am an author, blogger, singer, songwriter, and follower of Christ. I also like to knit and crochet, and I sell some of the things I make on my website’s shop.

Favorite Color: blue/forest green…it changes

Favorite Flower: lavender

Favorite State: Alaska

I was actually born in Honolulu, Hawaii, along with my three younger brothers. When I was almost six years old, I and my family moved to McKinney, Texas. When I was about ten, we moved to San Antonio, TX, and after a few years we moved into an RV. From there, we traveled up the west coast of the US, into Canada, and then into Alaska. A lot of people we meet ask where we came from, and then it’s confusing what to say. Hawaii? Texas? Or the last RV park we were staying at? Usually I just say we’re traveling in an RV.  We have been doing this since September of 2018.

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Kayla Wong standing by couch in museum in AK

I was born again in May 2017, and it was a battle.  When the Lord convicted me of my sin, I cried out to him, fearing eternal death, but not believing he would forgive me.  I felt helpless and lost.  The next morning, by God’s providence, Mommy talked to me about salvation (she had no idea what I was going through), and it was then that I believed Jesus had died for my sins, and I was forgiven.  Satan fought hard for my soul, telling me that there was no way the Lord would have forgiven me; I was imagining it all; there was no hope for me.  I asked the Lord to help me to trust him, and out of his infinite faithfulness and love, he did.  I feel like a new person now.  My desires have changed and I love God.  I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me the best gift that could ever be given–eternal life.

Kayla Wong

A New Creation in Christ