4th of July – Alaska

For the 4th of July in Valdez, there was a town parade, canoe jousting, and other events.  First, we went to the parade.  There were a lot of cool vehicles, as well as people who threw candy to the people watching the parade.  Then, we went on a hike while waiting for the canoe jousting.  It was pretty short and had a nice view of part of the town.  We found salmon berries on the hike, which we ate.  Back at the lake, we watched the canoe jousting.  It worked like this: two people would get into a canoe, while two more people went into another canoe.  One person in each canoe would paddle and steer, while the other person (the jouster) would hit the other team’s jouster.  They used helmets and padded sticks, and a lifeguard was always nearby.  The match ended when one of the canoes tipped over.  Usually, it would tip over when the jouster lost his or her balance, rocked the canoe too much, and it flipped.  Later in the day, we looked at U.S. Coast Guard vehicles and had dinner, which the town provided for free for everyone.

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